About Us

MSPT – Mining Services & Processing Technologies

MSPT was established in 2017 as a designer, constructor and operator. MSPT have the experience and expertise in both mine and infrastructure development to ensure client satisfaction. We have extensive experience in crushing services, beneficiation plants, combustible & flammable goods storage, project management and facility operations.

With strong practical leadership and a focus on simplicity of design MSPT deliver a practical approach to project development, execution and operation.

The MSPT team is actively committed to ‘Exceeding our Clients Expectations‘. To achieve this objective, we have established measurable targets to allow us to monitor our systems, policies and procedures. Through continual improvement, leadership and development of our people, MSPT provides clients with a committed organisation that is professional in all aspects of business, experienced in our field, and willing to integrate our methods into the client’s requirements to ensure a seamless cohesion.

processing technologies
We aim to ‘Exceed our Clients Expectations’ by:
  • Design, construct, erect and operate crushing and screening circuits that produce high quality ‘in specification’ product
  • Develop and maintain circuits that are cost effective
  • Design circuits that are adequate and fit for purpose to suit materials that are to be processed
  • Provide suitable equipment that ensures the safety of our people and exceeds industry standards
  • Ensure continual development of our people to ensure that they are familiar with our equipment, project and environmental requirements including locational hazards
  • Provide internal material testing to ensure product meets specification at all times
  • Provide experienced, professional people with a sound knowledge of our industry and the environments they work in
  • In depth analysis and strategic planning of our crushing and screening circuits to ensure maximum output of quality materials with minimal to no wastage
  • And importantly we deliver on our commitments and promises to our clients


Our policies are currently under review and will be published in the near future.