Our Services

MSPT – Civil Works

MSPT is a diverse company that specialises in a wide range of material processing. The management team in MSPT has been involved in numerous large scale civil projects producing materials from armour rock, to sub bases and boutique aggregate products to customer’s requirements. MSPT has processed materials for a large range of civil projects. MSPT not only has the resources to process large volumes of material as required in the mining industry but also has the knowledge and experience to produce quality, in spec civil construction materials for a wide range of infrastructure projects.

MSPT have extensive knowledge in producing products for the following civil disciplines:

  • Road construction
  • Rail formation construction
  • Runways
  • Port construction & expansions
  • Culvert backfill
  • Culverts and drainage
  • Land developments

MSPT can provide the resources to produce the following Infrastructure products:

  • Sub Base – gravel
  • Base Course – gravel
  • Sealing Aggregates
  • Rock Protection
  • Rail Ballast
  • Select back fill – gravel
  • Armour Rock


MSPT can also provide equipment for the smaller projects including product recycling. MSPT can crush and screen the following materials tuning them into a usable secondary product.

  • Waste concrete – reinforced or unreinforced
  • Brick – clay or concrete
  • Concrete pre-cast elements – pipes / headwalls / panels / anchor blocks

Quarry Products

MSPT has owned and managed a variety of quarries. MSPT can supply equipment to produce the following materials:

  • Hard rock aggregates – road sealing (Main roads specifications), concrete aggregates
  • Rail ballast
  • Armour rock
  • Lime & sandstone
  • Construction sands
  • Screened fill sands